G. Vidyasagar


We study a two-dimensional free convection effects on the steady incompressible laminar MHD heat and mass transfer characteristics of a linearly started porous vertical plate, the velocity of the fluid far away from the plate surface is assumed zero for a quiescent state fluid. The variations of surface temperature and concentration are linear. All the fluid properties are assumed to be constant except for the density variations in the buoyancy force term of the linear momentum equation. The magnetic Reynolds number is assumed to be small, so that the induced magnetic field is neglected. No electrical field is assumed to exist and both viscous and magnetic dissipations are neglected. The Hall effects, the viscous dissipation and the joule heating terms are also neglected. The governing equations are solved numerically by using shooting method. Dimensionless velocity, temperature and concentration profiles are displayed graphically for different values of suction parameter (fw), magnetic parameter ( ), permeability parameter (K), local temperature Grashof number (Gr), local concentration Grashof number (Gc), Prandtl number ( ) and Schmidt number (Sc). The values of skin-friction, Nusselt number and Sherwood number for different physical parameters are also presented through tables.

Keywords: Porous medium, MHD, Heat transfer and Mass transfer, Vertical plate.


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